Module 3: Positive working with people with dementia and their family members

The module provides learners with a structured overview of the benefits that the psychosocial and tailored approach casts over formal caregivers. Moreover, they will know how to structure interventions for formal caregivers aimed to increase the quality of working life and to prevent or decrease caregiver burn-out. 

The working approach would enable learners to provide evidence-based support to formal caregivers. 

Specifically, the module will regard the following themes: 

  • h) Evaluation of the internationally-used interventions to modulate formal caregivers’ well-being; 
  • i) Assessment of formal caregivers’ needs;
  • j) Analysis of the transnational cultural adaptation of psychosocial interventions;
  • k) Critical studies of the techniques to avoid and cope with wandering, delirium, psychomotor agitations;
  • l) Risk analysis concerning the implementation of psychosocial interventions; 
  • m) Communication skills with PWD, caregivers, and institutions;
  • n) On-line resources.

SIDECAR platform (module 3)


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