Module 2: Living well with people with dementia

The module will explore, analyses and represent the domain of the informal caregivers. In particular, it will face the problem of the quality of life these persons are living, their met and unmet needs; their residual resources, their psychological and psychosocial attitudes towards isolation, burnout etc. 

The working approach would enable learners to provide support to informal caregivers in a systematized manner following the most innovative and sound evidence. 

Specifically, the module will regard the following themes: 

  • d) Theoretical overview of internationally used interventions to modulate informal caregivers’ well-being;
  • e) Techniques for caregivers needs assessment;
  • f) Interventions implementation: risk and lever factors;
  • g) Analysis and support to informal caregivers’ practical needs (e.g., ACP, end of life).

SIDECAR platform (module 2)


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